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Belt and Road Initiative, the big challenge to Short Sea Shipping?

The big discussion on day two for the attendees of Coastlink was around the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and whether it restricts opportunity. How do bus... Read more

Collaboration, connectivity and mindset: the key themes for Coastlink

Day one of the re-launched Coastlink conference saw major names in the short sea shipping arena come together.

Tienne Oates – Wincanton for B&Q – Speaking at Coastlink

Tienne Oates – Logistics Project Manager at Wincanton for B&Q – has been announced as a Speaker at Coastlink.

Who We Are

Coastlink is a neutral pan-European network dedicated to the promotion of short sea and feeder container shipping - an integral element in a competitive supply chain.

To maximise the utilisation of existing and potential of evolving shipping networks.
To achieve environmentally friendly modal shift.
Encourage the increased regularity of services linking ports in European waters.
Through collaboration between shippers, ports, shipping lines & freight organisations.

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